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Marketing Tips to Promote Your Website:

Direct Marketing:

1. As you reorder business collateral (business cards, letterhead, invoice forms, envelopes, etc.) add your Web address.

2. Reference your Web address on your phone system messages, whether it is a hold greeting or voice mail greeting.

3. Add your Web address to all advertising, such as print ads, radio, or TV spots.

4. Offer reasons to revist your site. Running on-line promotions, contests, and sending regularly scheduled newsletters are all effective ways to generate repeat traffic to your site.

5. Issue Press Releases as you pass milestones. Press releases can be a very effective way to boost traffic and awareness for the site and your organization.

On-Line Promotion:

1. Register with Search Engines

2. Utilize Pay-Per-Click Avertising

3. Request links from complementary sites. Start with associations, clubs, and professional organizations you belong to that also have Web sites.

4. Change your site content. Keeping something new on the site will encourage visitors to return to your site.

Your website represents your
company's image on the Internet
24/7. We will design your
website to be an effective sales
and marketing tool - custom
designed for your particular
business - large or small.
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